Did Zach LaVine rip-off Kobe in dunk contest?

Did Zach LaVine rip-off Kobe in dunk contest?


Dunk contest winner may have been paying tribute to the Lakers legend


Zach LaVine, the dunk contest winner who no one had heard of before Friday, was one of the most impressive contest winners in years. He looked like 2000 Vince Carter out there, but he might have actually been going for 2000 Kobe Bryant.

According to video, LaVine’s dunks have a strong resemblance to Kobe’s dunks in a 2000 ad for adidas.

The evidence comes via video:


And here’s LaVine in the dunk contest (skip to 1:34 for the dunk in question):


A couple of things:
1. Ah, the good old days when Kobe wore number 8.

2. Apparently some of the dunks in the Kobe video were accused of being CGI, and it never was resolved. In that case, LaVine was recreating CGI dunks.

3. Also, let’s not forget that LaVine also did this while wearing a Tune Squad jersey:


Recreating Kobe is one thing, Space Jam is another. The point is: Zach LaVine is a god amongst men.

Do you think Zach LaVine was honoring Kobe Bryant with his dunk contest lineup? Or was it mere coincidence?