Donald Trump Suing Chicago After He Was Forced To Cancel Rally

Donald Trump Suing Chicago After He Was Forced To Cancel Rally


After protests erupted in Chicago that led to the cancellation of a Donald Trump rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago Pavilion, the controversial Republican candidate has filed a lawsuit against the city for prohibiting his First Amendment right to free speech.

“My free speech right was infringed in Chicago Friday night and that’s what it will say in the lawsuit,” Trump told reporters. “We’ll be asking for a monetary settlement and for those protestors to be prosecuted. It was very, very wrong of them. I do not condone violence. I’m very against violence, especially at my campaign events.”

Trump’s attorneys are currently drawing up the lawsuit papers and are expected to be filled on Monday.

“Chicago violated my First Amendment right and they aren’t going to get away with it. Just like China won’t get away with stealing our jobs and manipulating their currency.”

The campaign thinks a conspiracy might be involved with the anti-trump protesters. “When the cops saw a bunch of black people entering my rally, they knew they shouldn’t be there but let them in anyway. I mean, what the Hell is that?”

Trump then went after Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “I know Rahm thinks he’s a tough guy, but he’ll be a mouse looking for his mom by the time I get done with him. He makes ‘Little Rubio’ look like a giant. A New Yorker will beat a Chicagoan every time. Believe me, he is going to regret not having his city under control.

He was terrible as Obama’s Chief of Staff and he’s been a terrible Mayor. Look at the gang problem and the cities credit rating.

“I’m happy Nabisco closed that Chicago factory and moved it to Mexico. I was against it before, but after tonight, I’m totally for it.”

The Mayor

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel called the lawsuit “frivolous” and “ridiculous.”

“You can’t have a presidential candidate going around suing cities because the local people don’t like the guy,” Emanuel told the Chicago Tribune. “The city is in massive debt and the last thing we need is to be tied up in court for years to come cause we know Trump loves to sue people. Legal fees aren’t cheap.”

Trump claimed the Chicago Police Department told him to call off the event but they responded by saying it was Trump’s campaign that called off the event and the Chicago Police did not infringe on his free speech right.

“If Trump thinks he can bully the City of Chicago, he’s got another thing coming.”

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