Man Commits Suicide Due To Star Wars: The Force Awakens Main Character Being African American


Charlotte, North Carolina –Specialists have demonstrated that a 53-year-old Caucasian male was discovered dead in Charlotte, North Carolina. As indicated by reports, a suicide note was discovered that read, “Influence America To white Again.”

Today, fans discovered that the fundamental character in the up and coming Star Wars film, set to be discharged in December, will be played by African-American performing artist John Boyega. At the point when the trailer was at first discharged in December 2014, Boyega was immediately rejected as a tempest trooper. Notwithstanding the part fans expected Boyega would play in the up and coming film, extremist fans, particularly the individuals who seem to have bigot sees, communicated their failure with Boyega as the primary character in Star Wars VII.


Bobby-Jo Garrison, 53, of Charlotte was referred to by loved ones as a no-nonsense Star Wars enthusiast. His significant other, Sarah Garrison was additionally a Star Wars fan, as both went to comic con each year dressed as tempest troopers. As per reports, Mrs. Army landed at her living arrangement at around 5:15 P.M. when she found her better half, lethargic in his home office. Mrs. Battalion promptly called 911 while endeavor to revive her significant other.

As indicated by Mrs. Battalion, “After I discovered my significant other drooped over in his seat, I kept running over to him to check whether he was alright. When he didn’t react to me, I verified whether he was dozing and that is the point at which I saw that he was not relaxing. I called 911 and I attempted to give him CPR until the point that the emergency vehicle arrived. After a couple of endeavored, I see a container of a vacant jug of Percocets around his work area. I at that point saw a note close to the container which said Make American White Again. When I opened the letter, that is the point at which I discovered he submitted suicide.”

As per experts, when the EMS and police touched base at the scene, Mr. Battalion was articulated dead. Officer Jenkins recovered the suicide note from Mrs. Army which said an issue Garrison had with the principle character of Star Wars being dark.

Supposedly, some portion of the letter read, “If white individuals aren’t needed in Star Wars, at that point our cash must not be either. I’m burnt out on observing N**GERS assuming control awesome white movies. I can not live in a world being overran by Blacks. Sorry Sarah.”

Another piece of letter read, Boycott Star Wars VII in light of the fact that as opposed to utilizing the power, they utilize governmental policy regarding minorities in society.

Experts did not discharge the full substance of the letter but rather have shown that Mr. Army communicated his profound worries about African-Americans assuming control America. Mrs. Battalion was addressed at the scene and specialists discovered that no unfairness was included



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